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    About Us

    A Very Unique Boutique Antique House

    HELLO!  Thank YOU, for stopping to check out my great little shop. Let me introduce myself, somewhat anyway.  I am Bobbi and I love Retro, Vintage, Vinyl Record Albums, Sewing Patterns, Books, Board Games, and of course Fashion. But in the fashion and accessories dept., since I Love, Love, Love, fashion, (especially quality goods), I can not limit myself to strictly vintage.  If it is quality, cool or bizarre, it's in.

    Avubah, is the child that resulted from the consolidation of my two previous shops, Golden Era located in a rural farmhouse near to my home and Golden Era II located in metropolitan Spokane, WA. , 65 miles away.This new shop is in in the little rural town of Plummer, Idaho located in the  Panhandle of North Idaho.  A beautiful scenic area which is not only the heart of the Coeur d' Alene Indian Reservation, but also the "Gateway' to the South end of lake Coeur d' Alene and the St. Joe River.  Avubah itself is in one of the few original homes still standing in town, an over 100 year old two story frame home.

    AVUBAH stands for: A Very Unique Boutique House.  This name describes this unusual shop completely.  The actual shop is full and overflowing with just about anything you might think of.

    I have always been a "clothes horse", and a master of being able to dress for any occasion, with an appropriate, classy, but stand out a little from the crowd style.  So in the creation of Avubah, I decided that the vintage, antique business would be a great fit to blend with a variety of vintage and distinctive trendy, upscale clothing and accessories.  It didn't  take long for me to discover that there was WAY, WAY more awesome items out there, than I could properly house, not alone display at the physical site of Avubah.  So  the wheels began to turn to open an  on-line shop.  So here I am, with you.

    This has, and still is quite a project, as I  own and operate Bobbi' Bar, which I opened in 1990, and in 2009 I opened Rising Star Espresso , some may say I should be in the circus, I am such a good juggler.

    I have always loved to since I was a little girl, dress up, role play,and make up new costumes. In a sense I still love to do the same thing today. I  have always also been attracted to the different, even bizarre, animal, jungle prints, bright jewel colors, especially turquoise and so, so, much more.  With " a little  help from my friends", (as Joe Cocker would say). I have gathered together some fun and amazing, often quality items, not just clothing, but accessories, sewing patterns, vinyl record albums, vintage ads and oh so much more. Can't wait to share with you.

    I have been told that not only am I a collector, but have an "eye" to search out those seemingly one of a kind items.On my purchasing excursions I have the time of my life, whether flying solo, or with one of my fellow "treasure hunters", including my "mini-me" granddaughter, Colette, (she already has the treasure hunting bug).  The end result being my vehicle comes home always packed.  In case you were wondering  how I became so wise, I am the timeline for a Baby Boomer, no more need be said.

    Magical Mystery Shop


    The gift that I and my co-hearts have of being able to "shop", shop wisely, and efficiently  is the main reason for this on-line shop. As I mentioned I have amassed such a large inventory, it needs to be put on-line as I want YOU to be exposed to these boutique and vintage items.
    We will start out this adventure of mine, with listing  Sewing Patterns, Vinyl Record Albums, Costume Jewelry, Vintage Books,  Postcards, and Ads. Fashion, ( men's and ladies), and accessories.
    The Boutique section, of the on-line store will be a bit by bit process, but be patient for what will available, will be certainly well worth the wait.
    AVUBAH, is “A" "VERY" unique, eclectic store that perfectly combines the feel and flair of a boutique but with a mix of art, the unusual, collectible, handmade, often locally made, and just darn right cool, if it is still cool to be cool .On the Boutique end of the spectrum; a blend of assorted clothing, Brand Name Designer's, Obscure Designer's, Handmade, Retro, & Vintage, for Women and Men, for various shapes and sizes. AVUBAH is NOT like your regular clothing store, as there is rarely more than one of the same. There is also a large variety of costume and custom handmade jewelry, with much more to come.  

    Get the Best for Less


     I may not be a professional web designer, photographer, or writer, But, Big But, (not Butt),: I absolutely believe in and love what I do, and I want to share my fun times, knowledge,  growth, and of course my awesomely, cool, finds with you.
    I did mention the Boomer era thing, so you know I am no spring chicken, but I get away with dressing like a semi-grown spring chicken. My motto, (one of them), “Once you are past 50 who gives a s____ what anyone thinks of your style, dress how you feel, who you are”. Style, class, and sexy is not dependent on a size 0 dress size".  
    However, my dear friends, once again I remind you to be patient, as this is going to take me some time, quite some time, as  I have QUITE a LARGE AMOUNT and VARIETY of inventory to work with. (And of course, when I find something amazing, the stockpile increases). But, if there is something you might be looking for, please contact us at Avubah, as we just might have it!!! Today I still operate the physical shop Avubah, which is stuffed to the brim and overflowing, with inventory waiting for a spot to be put out, much I hope to be able to make available to you on-line in the future.  

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    We love our customers, so feel free to visit during normal business hours.


    336 8th St, Plummer, Idaho 83851, United States

    208-686-0550 or 208-661-6313



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    Big news, our site is now on line!!!!! Yabba Dabba Do!!!
    Watch as the merchandise comes on line. Starting with our primarily vintage Sewing Patterns, followed by our vintage Record Album collection,
    We will be sneaking in some fashion items asap. Time, time, time, it's nothin' but time. 



    As your questions roll in, we will be glad to share them with our other customers.

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